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Fujian Hopeland Imp. & Exp. Trading Co.,Ltd., a son company of REDKIDS(CHINA)CO.,LTD who have stock exchange in Hong Kong(MIG International Holdings, 01247.HK), was established in 2002, Our business mainly concentrates on chemicals for oil services especially barite ore and powder for drilling oil and sell them to the international market, Our barite mines and manufacture (Guizhou Linran Mineral Co.,Ltd.) are located Guizhou where are known by rich resources of barite.  Our available capacity for export for drilling garde barite in lumps is around 30000mt per month and powder around 20000mt per month.

   In today's marketplace of barite, customers always require stable and consistent supply sources. To meet this expectation, mine exploration is vitally important. Suppliers do not have stable resources of their own will eventually be driven out of the market. The belief resulted in a series of investments.

In the future we will be moving aggressively to rightsize our investment in mining the resources of barite to meet the increasing and up-grading demand of the market. Meanwhile, rather than ignoring the abundant resource in our own place, we have over the years set up a multiform network to source supplies of high-grade materials in China. Supply sources from multiple directions, especially the heavy involvement in the production will enable us to remain flexible and competitive in the market we serve.              Quality has always been an issue of paramount importance to us and the heart of our business philosophy that has long governed the activities of the company's employees in performing their duty. To be exact, we set up a strictly quality control system in the mine sites, the transit railway stations, and the loading port respectively, to enable us to categorize different sources according to their qualities.             And further, our staff team has long been working in the marketplace where success depends not only on resources but also experiences and the skill to satisfy the customers with integrated services.

             As the market we serve is turning increasingly global and customers driven, we are and will continue to be dedicated to broadening our products portfolio, cutting costs to their limits, and establishing innovative and cooperative business relationships with our clients.